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1.   The Association shall be called Suffolk County Ladies’ Indoor Bowling Association.

2.   Objectives

      a.       To uphold the good name of the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd.

      b.       To promote the amateur game of Indoor Bowls for ladies in the County of Suffolk as                                        laid down by the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd.

      c.       To arrange Inter-County matches and Annual Championships.

      d.       The Association shall abide by the rules laid down by the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, and enforce these rules to any affiliated club to this County Association.

      e.       In addition to the above the Association has the right to bring in their own rules and regulations where necessary.


3.   Membership

      That  the  Association  shall  consist  of  Indoor  Bowling  Clubs  and Clubs  with  Indoor

      Bowling Sections within the County of Suffolk, and who are in affiliation with the

      English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd.

      a.    That such clubs play on greens whose playing surface is at least 32 metres long (with banks and ditches at each end, width of rinks to be not less than 4.6 metres).

      b.   Application for affiliation shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary of this Association, and shall be accompanied by a list of the Club’s Officers together with the address of the Club’s Honorary Secretary along with a copy of the Club’s Constitution, Rules and Regulations.

      c.    The Secretary of each club shall be responsible for forwarding to the Honorary Secretary of this Association any changes in their constitution/rules/regulations or names of their approved representatives who will then go forward to form the General Council of this Association, immediately after their club’s A.G.M. 

      d.   It shall be within the power of the Association, duly proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting, to elect Honorary Life Members of this Association for special services rendered to the game of Bowls and this Association in particular. These Honorary Life Members may attend General Council Meetings but have no voting rights.

       e.    On acceptance of the Honorary Life Membership the acceptee relinquishes all rights to hold any office within the Association.

4.   Subscriptions

             A yearly Affiliation fee at the rate fixed by the General Council along with the Competition entry fees shall be paid not later that 31st May for the ensuing year.  A Levy fee fixed by the General Council for each lady member of the Club will be collected with the number of lady members taken as at 31st October each year to be paid on or before 15th November in the current season.  Any club failing to pay the Levy by 30th November in the current season shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears have been paid.


5.   Administration

      The General Council shall consist of the following and conduct the affairs of the Association

      a.    The President

      b.   The Vice President

      c.    The Immediate Past President


      d.   The Honorary Secretary

      e.   The Honorary Treasurer

      f.    The Honorary Match Secretary

      g.    U25’s, CP & VP Officer.

      h.   One/Two Area Competition Secretaries.

       i.    2 delegates per affiliated club (1 vote only per club)

      j.    Honorary Life Members.


      If a delegate from a club is unable to attend a General Council Meeting, then the Club may

      appoint an alternative person to represent it.


      There is to be an Executive Committee who will report to the General Council as a Sub-

      Committee and will meet on a regular basis before the General Council meets in order to

      streamline the smooth running of the Association. The Executive shall be responsible for

      appointing the U25’s, CP & VP Officer and the one/two Area Competition Secretary/Secretaries.


      The Executive is made up of the following Officers,

      a.    The President

      b.   The Vice President

      c.    The Immediate Past President

      d.   The Honorary Secretary

      e.   The Honorary Treasurer

      f.    The Honorary Match Secretary

      g.    The Under 25’s, CP & VP Officer.

      h.   The one/two Area Competition Secretary/Secretaries.


      The Executive has the power to appoint Sub Committees to help run the Association including a

      Disciplinary Committee to be made up of three from their number.


6.   Honorary Secretary

      The Honorary Secretary will deal with all correspondence and shall keep records of all

      business transacted at all meetings including the Annual General Meeting where she will submit

      a report of the proceedings throughout the year since the last Annual General Meeting.


7.   Honorary Treasurer

      The Honorary Treasurer shall report to the Executive at every meeting with an update of the

      Association’s finances. She will also submit a precise account of the receipts and expenditure

      to the Annual General Meeting each year. The accounts shall be up until the 31s March. Copies

      of the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts shall be sent to every Affiliated Club 14 days

      before the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer must every year bring to the Executive

                recommendations for alterations to the officers’ expenses, affiliation fees and competition fees

8.   The Honorary Match Secretary

      The Honorary Match Secretary shall report to the Executive at every meeting with an update of

      county matches played. She will have the task of organising county matches with other

      County Associations, and organising teams and coaches to take part in these games.


9.    U25’s Child Protection & Vulnerable Persons Officer (U25’S CP & VP Officer).

      The U25’S CP & VP Officer will be responsible for collating all relevant information from

      affiliated clubs. All such information obtained by the U25’S CP & VP Officer will be treated

      as confidential and will only be divulged on a need to know basis.

      The hearing panel will be made up of:  Vice President (Chairman), Secretary and one

      other member of the Executive. The appeal panel will be made up of The President (Chairman),

      Treasurer and one other member of the Executive. Both panels will be serviced and minuted

      By the U25’s CP & VP Officer.



10. County Competition Secretary/Secretaries

      The County has one/two Competition Secretary/Secretaries, who are appointed by the

      Executive. The competition Secretary/Secretaries are responsible for holding the County

      Competition draw after the 1st May each year for the ensuing season and collate all results and

       produce a Semi-finals Programme and Finals Programme. The Secretary/Secretaries are

      answerable to the Executive Committee and may attend all of the Executive and General

      Council meetings and if asked will give a report.


11. Annual and other General Meetings

      a.    The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of April/May of each year

      b.   Propositions. All propositions for the Annual General Meeting must be submitted in writing. This must be done through the Ladies’ Section Secretary or Club Secretary and duly seconded in writing from a Club’s Ladies’ Section Secretary or Club Secretary, and sent to the Honorary Secretary no later than 18th March each year preceding the Annual General Meeting.

       c.     All propositions received will be circulated to all Affiliated Clubs by 29th March preceding the Annual General Meeting.

       d.    Any amendments to the above propositions must be made in writing and sent to the Honorary Secretary by 2nd April preceding the Annual General Meeting.

       e.    The Honorary Secretary will publish the final agenda for the Annual General Meeting on the 16th April preceding the Annual General Meeting.     

       f.     Members of Affiliated Clubs may attend the Annual General Meeting and take part in the business. Only 1 delegate from each club shall be allowed to vote

       g.   The Executive, General Council or any Affiliated Club, may submit in writing to the Honorary Secretary, notice of any nominations for the positions of Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Match Secretary, not later than the 18th March each year. If more than one nomination is received for any Officer, a “paper vote” shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.

h.   Any Officer may hold only one Officer’s position at any one time.

      i.    A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive or the General Council, or on the request of not less than three affiliated clubs. Seven days’ notice shall be given before calling a Special General Meeting, such notice to specify the purpose for which the meeting has been called. Only items on the agenda can be discussed.


12. Appeals

      The Executive Appeals Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any disputes referred to

       It, arising between or among affiliated Clubs to this Association, as to the meaning or interpretation

      of any of the County’s Rules, Bye -Laws, Regulations and Conditions or on any other matters of

      practiced policy or complaint, which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction. The subject of

      reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall call an Executive

      Appeals Committee Meeting to deal with the matter. It shall be competent for the Executive

      Appeals Committee, after due investigation of the facts if need be, the examination of witnesses

      and relevant evidence, to suspend or determine the membership of any club or member thereof.

      Right of appeal to the next General Council meeting shall be reserved to the Club or member.

13. Conditions of Play

      The World Indoor Bowls Council Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls First Edition shall apply to indoor

      games.  Clubs may make modification to these laws as may be necessary to meet special local

      conditions provided that such modifications are reported to and approved by the General Council

      and are published for the members and visiting players. Special attention is drawn to the

      requirements that all bowls used In any competitive County game must bear the valid stamp.


14. Competitions and Matches

      The Executive shall have entire control of all National and County Matches and other competitions

      and may appoint sub-committees in order to select teams.

      a.    The County will not require bowls to be stamped with the new W.I.B. stamp in order for ladies to compete in any of the County Competitions.

      b.    The Atherley Selection Committee will consist of the Executive Committee.


15. Regulations.

      a.    Regulations can be brought in or altered by the General Council.

      b.   All competition regulations, including the Joey Taylor-Balls Regulations and dress code regulations are set by the General Council. Any alterations to these regulations will be voted on by the General Council.

      c.    Singles players and skips must purchase a County Handbook.

      d.   If a Club member enters her County Competitions from a club and pays her entry fee to that Club and the Club pays her levy to this Association for the ensuing year, but afterwards decides to change clubs, she cannot take part in any Ladies’ County Competitions or Ladies’ County Leagues until the following season.

      e.   All rules and regulations will be enforced.    



                                                                                            Annual General Meeting, 28th April, 2018.