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County Competition Regulations






1.         All competitions are open to all members of clubs affiliated to the County Association

2.         The County will be split into 2 areas, A and B. A Competition Secretary for each area will be appointed by the Officers of the Association to run the competitions. They collate all results and produce a semi-finals programme and a finals programme. Dates for the semi-finals and finals will be set by the County Secretary.

3.         All competitions to be played under the EIBA Ltd rules.

4.         All games are to start with 2 trial ends and times are all inclusive of the trial ends.

COMPETITION SHOTS / ENDS TIME (including trial ends)

4 Wood Singles

21 shots

Under 25's Singles

21 shots

Ladies Champion of Champions

21 shots


21 ends

4 hours

Over 30's 2 Wood Pairs

21 ends

2 hours


21 ends

4 hours

Under 15's singles

15 ends

Junior Champion of Champions

15 ends

2 Wood Triples

18 ends

4 hours


18 ends

4 hours

Mixed Triples

2 male & 1 female or

2 female & 1 male

18 ends

4 hours

5.         A player entering the Under 15’s Singles must be under14 years of age on the 1st October in the season they wish to enter the competition. A player must be under the age of 14 years of age on the 1st of October in the season they entered their Club Junior Singles competition to qualify for the Junior Champion of Champions competition the following year.

6.         No practise allowed on selected rink on the day the game is to be played.

7.         In all Pairs, Triples and Fours, players taking part in the first game constitute the original entry. One additional player (and the same) player of the same Club may however be used as a substitute at any time provided they have not already played in the Championship, and provided they are eligible competitors. A substitute may play in any position except Skip in a resumed game (game interrupted through illness or any other reason) (see Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls.) In the Mixed Triples one substitute of either gender (and the same) is allowable at any one time. Competitors who have entered a Championship and are a named entrant cannot afterwards play in another team in the same Championship, irrespective of whether or not they have actually played in their original entry.

8.         Challengers must offer their opponents 2 dates one of which may be a weekend. If requested by your opponent you must offer an evening/weekend date with an evening start time not later than 6.30pm. When dates have been offered to you, confirmation of arrangements must be made within 72 hours. No competition must start before 10.00am, unless by mutual agreement.

            The only exception to this regulation is in the Champion of Champions competition when the two players are from different areas of the County i.e. East and West, with a travelling distance of over 50 miles each way between the two clubs. In the event of this occurring, and at the players involved request, the area Competition Secretaries are to be informed and a neutral, equidistant venue will be found.

9.         The competition sheets will include a ‘challenge by’ date to make sure that challengers do not wait until the last week before making contact. Challengers who fail to make contact by the ‘challenge by’ date forfeit the right to challenge and the challenged becomes the challengers, and therefore the game will be played at their club. In the first game on any County Competition players must not be asked to play before the ‘challenge by’ date.

10.       In the event of bad weather making travelling making travelling impossible then please let your Area Competition Secretary know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be played at a later date.

11.       The results of the game must  be telephoned through to the Area Competition Secretary within 24 hours after the game has finished. The scorecard showing the names of all players and their clubs and signed by either players or skips must be forwarded to the Area Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of the game.

12.       A game conceded is a game played.

13.       Dress throughout the rounds will be:       

  • Regulation grey skirts will be worn with or without tan coloured tights, if no tights are going to be worn then sockettes can be worn as long as they are not visible above the shoe. Pop socks or knee-highs are not permitted.
  • Tailored full length regulation grey trousers may be worn with dark coloured socks or tan or dark coloured pop socks or knee-highs, sockettes may be worn.
  • Regulation grey cropped trousers with or without sockettes may be worn.
  • White shirts or regulation bowls shirts, bought from a bowls outlet, with collars, club waistcoats or club shirts may be worn. Brown, Grey or White regulation shoes only. No sandals, unless a doctor’s letter is sent into the Secretary of the County Association when permission will be granted.

14.       Semi-Finals and Finals will be: 

  • Regulation white skirts worn with or without tan coloured tights, if no tights are going to be worn then sockettes can be worn as long as they are not visible above the shoe. Pop socks or knee-highs will not be permitted.
  • Tailored full length regulation white trousers may be worn with light or tan coloured socks, pop socks, knee-highs or sockettes.
  • Regulation white cropped trousers, with or without sockettes may be worn.
  • White shirts or regulation bowls shirts, bought from a bowls outlet, with collars and club waistcoats or club shirts. White regulation shoes only, no sandals unless by permission.

15.       A player who is competing in either the Singles or the Champion of Champions realises that he/she  will be unable to play in either the Semi-Finals or Finals, then he/she must withdraw straight away from the competition.

16.       In the event of a disagreement or problem then the Honorary County Secretary’s decision is final.

17.       Players taking part in any County competition will not be permitted to smoke during the game.

Amended Council Meeting 5th Feb 2013