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JTB Regulations




  1.      This competition is open to every club affiliated to this Association
  2.      The competition is split into two areas, East and West
  3.       Clubs may enter up to three teams, a green, a blue and a red team. Where two or more teams are entered, players can only play for one team the whole season, and they must not interchange between green, blue or red.
  4.     This is a team game of 2 rinks of fours. They will play one rink at home and one rink away on fixed dates, with a different day of the week for each round. The County Secretary to inform each club with the fixed dates before the start of the season. No game must start before 10.00am, (unless by mutual agreement,) including the two trial ends. The teams will play 21 ends and the game will have a 4 hour time limit including the two trial ends.
  5.       All games are to be played on their fixed dates except in VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, and with PRIOR APPROVAL of the COMPETITION SECRETARY and with the MUTUAL agreement of the opposition, can a game be cancelled. However when a game is going to be cancelled it MUST either be played prior to the fixture date or within TWO weeks of the cancelled date, failure to comply will result in a £35.00 fine.
  6.       If a game is cancelled through illness or not being able to field a team the Executive have the right to award the 6 points to the non-defaulting team and fine the defaulting team £35.00.
  7.      The home team will pay all the rink fees.
  8.     When a club finds that they are playing their own ladies the first team with their players names on put their cards face down on the table and the second team with their players names on the cards placed face down on top of them, someone writes at random the rink numbers on the back of the cards and then the Captains turn the cards over and fill the oppositions players names on the right hand side.
  9.       If, before the start of the game a team finds they are a player short and there is no reserve, then the game shall still proceed, but in the defaulting team, the number of Bowls shall be made up by the Lead and the Second player playing with three bowls each. The defaulting team will play without a number three and the game shall be played as per the grid below. It is always advisable that away players take three bowls with them as a precaution.  
Suffolk County Ladies Indoor Bowling Association JTB Regulations

10.       Where there I problem with a rink being unable to carry on playing, as long as 16 ends have been played then the game will be considered played as long as both skips sign the cards. How-ever if 16 ends have not been played then the rink must come back on another day to replay the whole game at a time and date to be arranged by the teams/clubs involved.


 11.       Where possible, games in the County League should be played on a rink, which the players have not played on that day.


 12.       The dress code for each round will be grey regulation skirts,     trousers or cropped regulation trousers, white shirts with collar and club waistcoats. Club shirts may be worn, but the whole team must wear them. Brown, grey or white shoes are permitted. Tights may or may not be worn when wearing regulation skirts but knee highs and pop socks are not allowed, socketts may be worn with trousers or cropped regulation trousers but must not show above the shoe. How-ever knee highs and pop socks are permitted when wearing regulation trousers.


13.        Score cards must be marked with the round number, the colour of the team where applicable, the date and whether they are at home or away. Failure to send in scorecards with all the relevant details recorded thereon, on more than one occasion will result in a fine up to the maximum amount of £35.00 imposed by the Executive. Each home team to post both scorecards immediately after the game by first class post, to the Competition Secretary. Address to be found in the booklet.


14.        Six points awarded per game as follows: 2 points each winning rink plus 2 points for an overall win. In the event of a draw then 1 point will be awarded to each team.


 15.       The winning team of each area will play one another in the Joey Taylor Balls final at the same time and venue. Scoring for the final will be overall shots only. The “Challenger” for the final will be decided prior to the game by the “tossing of a coin” and the Challenger will then nominate one rink to play an extra end to decide the result of the game, if required.


16.        Dress code for the finals will be white’s, this is white regulation skirt or trousers, white shirt with collar and club waistcoats. Club shirts may be worn, but the whole team must wear them. White shoes only. When wearing regulation white skirts tights may or may not be worn but knee highs and pop socks are not allowed, socketts may be worn but must not show above the white shoe. However, knee highs and pop socks are permitted when wearing regulation white trousers. Cropped white regulation trousers are permitted but with or without socketts.


 17.       Smoking will not be permitted at any time by players taking part in this league.


 18.       Where there is a disagreement or problem then the County Secretary’s decision is final.


Revised 17/06/2017